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What Food Should I Put Out For Hedgehogs?

Currently, keeping hedgehogs as pets seems to be no stranger to many people.

For your hedgehog to be healthy and increase, in addition to a clean living environment, food is one of the critical factors.

This article will provide you with information about the hedgehog food that you can choose to help the hedgehog grow in the best way.

If you don’t know what to feed your hedgehog, this article is for you. 

Is There Food For Hedgehogs On The Market?

Is There Food For Hedgehogs On The Market

In the past, in pet stores, we saw the leading food for dogs and cats.

But now, many pet stores have developed products for other types of pets. One of them is not to mention packaged food for hedgehogs.

With many different needs, now feed manufacturers also offer many types for each stage of the hedgehog. Here are some types of packaged food for Hedgehogs in stores.

High-fiber, high-protein food includes both plants and animals to help provide both the protein and fiber ratio suitable for the hedgehog’s body. With this type, you can consider using a hedgehog in the early stage (porcupine) so that the hedgehog has the full quality and proliferates.

As for the adult hedgehogs, you can buy mixed nuts, ensuring to provide all the necessary substances for a large body.

In addition, there are some types of diet hedgehog food at the store. In terms of nutritional composition, there has been a lower adjustment to help hedgehogs maintain a healthy weight.

If you want to find a reputable and quality brand for hedgehogs, you can refer to the following foods:

  • Complete
  • Zoopro
  • Sunseed
  • Essential
  • Spike’s delite
  • Berries and bugs
  • Wigglers 

Other Foods That Hedgehogs Can Eat

In addition to specialized foods for hedgehogs, you can completely replace and feed hedgehogs with other foods. Usually, many people also apply these ways to supplement porcupine nutrition, creating a diverse food source to help hedgehogs enjoy eating more.

Natural food (insects)

The first is insect food, which is also one of the hedgehog’s favorite foods. The high protein nature of small animals will help the hedgehog to grow in size.

Here, you have two choices: fresh insects or dried insects. Of course, each type will have its advantages.

The dried type helps you preserve it for a long time, and you don’t have to go shopping or find and catch insects as often. On the contrary, fresh food will help the animal absorb more nutrients and enjoy them.


Next is one of the foods that are pretty familiar to us, which is eggs. With their omnivorous nature, hedgehogs can fully receive nutrients from eggs.

However, it would help if you only fed the hedgehog using egg yolks. In addition, you should also note that you should not give the hedgehog eggs that have been boiled and left overnight. Ideally, after burning the eggs, separate the yolks and feed the hedgehogs immediately.


In general, one of the best sources of fiber for hedgehogs is plants. Therefore, you also need to pay attention and supplement your pet with plant-based nutrients.

The use of supporting the digestive tract will help hedgehogs limit constipation problems and affect their health.

In terms of plants, you can supplement the hedgehog with vegetables and fruits in your home.

Specialized cat and dog food

Specialized cat and dog food

In cases where you have more cats and dogs, you can use cat food for hedgehogs. Or, if you find it challenging to buy hedgehog food, you can buy cat food instead.

In terms of dosage, depending on the size of the animal, you should choose different dosages. Through the monitoring process, when eating dog food, porcupine cats are pretty excited and do not affect the porcupine’s body if you use a suitable dose.

Cookies for cats

Cookies for cats

In addition to the main meals, you can feed the hedgehog with cat biscuits. You can cut down on the amount of cake when feeding your cat. Also, so that the hedgehog can eat quickly, you can break the biscuits into crumbs.

With this type of food, the right time is daytime, or in other words, for a snack. Because the night is usually the time for hedgehogs to forage and eat their main meal.

Crushed biscuits for dogs

Like cat biscuits, dog biscuits are also suitable for hedgehogs. With this type, you don’t need to work hard to grind food to consider it thoroughly.

In addition, you can also rotate the cookies together to help the hedgehog have a variety of dishes. With strange tastes, hedgehogs will have more enjoyment when eating.


Water For Hedgehogs

In addition to the above foods, the hedgehog’s meal needs to have more water. Ideally, you should use clean filtered water that you drink every day. In addition, always make sure that the water in the bowl for the hedgehog is complete at all times.

Every day, change the source of filtered water to ensure safety for the digestive tract.

You should also provide adequate water at night so that the hedgehog can work well and does not affect health much.

If you want more convenience, you can buy a pet water bottle. At that time, the water will be sure not to spill and be very compact when changing the water. 


In addition to the above information, we will answer some more questions about hedgehog food. With these questions, you will have more accurate information to choose the best food for your hedgehog.

What can hedgehogs eat?

In general, hedgehogs are omnivores, so they can eat a lot of different foods. Examples are insects and plants. In addition, canned food is also one of the good options for hedgehogs. We have listed quite a lot of good nutrition for hedgehogs, so you can refer to them.

What can I feed my hedgehog at home?

If you have a dog or cat at home, you can use cat food for the hedgehog. Or you can catch insects or bring fruit indoors for this animal. In addition to food, water is also essential. Do not forget to put a glass of clean water next to the food for the hedgehog to drink.

What is safe for hedgehogs to eat?

Most organic food sources and canned pet foods are whole for hedgehogs. However, some foods still affect the porcupine’s digestive tract, such as milk, peanut butter, etc. In general, you should not give your hedgehog foods high in fat to keep your hedgehog’s digestive system healthy.

Should you feed hedgehogs every night?

With its nocturnal nature, you can feed the hedgehog every night. The best time is at dusk. At night, we recommend that you provide your hedgehog only with healthy foods. In addition, do not forget to put next to a glass of filtered water to make the hedgehog’s meal more effective.


In short, you can feed your hedgehog a variety of foods to balance nutrition. From there, it seems that taking care and providing for the hedgehog is not too difficult.

With this article, we hope you can understand more about hedgehog foods. Accordingly, you can ultimately choose the foods that are suitable for your hedgehog.

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