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Name Your Pet In 5 Easy Steps

Your new pet to the home is a life changer and having the right name is super important. If you have a large family, there may be some arguing amongst you of who gets the right to name the pet. Realistically though, some real thought should go into choosing the name. Since that pet is now an addition to the family. These five steps are guaranteed to help you name your new pet.

Name Your Pet In 5 Easy Steps

1. Physical Traits Stand Out?

Ask yourself while you physically look at your new pet if anything is obvious about the appearance. Is your pet  dog that looks like a vampire? If so, it would be ever so clever to name him something “vampire related.”

Things that physically stick out in appearance are really what were looking for here. Another example, I personally own a cat that looks like a cookie you could eat. When people ask her name, we tell them and its just a quirky thing that makes people smile. These are always the best and well played pet names.

2. Breed Versus Letter

A lot of pet owners seem to follow this popular routine. It seems a lot of people don’t even know or aware of it until brought to their attention. For instance, if your pet is a Dalmatian dog then you would name it a name that starts with a “D.” It’s almost like us humans just jump on this idea automatically. One more example, name the Siamese cat “Suzie.” Two and two go together right? You be the judge.

3. Past Deceased Family

Naming your pet after a dead family member can always help keep the remembrance around of them. Maybe great grandpa was a war hero and died at war for our country. It’s always great to kind of hear the name be spoken again. Another great choice for naming your pet.

4. Let Loose and Be Goofy

Maybe you just want to name that kitten something funny that you love. I named a fish of mine a couple weeks ago “Sparticus,” and it felt good. It’s good to let go once and a while and name your pets something goofy. Only advice, keep it realistic of being name worthy for the animal’s sake. Other than that, have a riot with this one.

5. Celebrity Look A Likes

You most likely thought this idea was cheesy after seeing it but give it a chance before judging. There are plenty of great actresses out there that can be named after by your pet. Example, I would name a poodle that looked like Paris Hilton “Paris.” This is more for movie buffs and people that get into show business too. If you can connect with a name on this, it can be quite a hoot.

Come to common ground with others around the pets living habitat so you can all enjoy the pet to its fullest. Remember, its the passion for pets that saves lives worldwide. Some people don’t share the same passion as we do.

Author Chris Weber really loves animals and has hundreds of articles on them. Helping out others learn things about animals to help better care for them is the ultimate fulfilling feeling.

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