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Is Hedgehog Food Good For Hedgehogs ?

Hedgehogs are an animal that many people love today. Therefore, many people tend to keep hedgehogs as pets. Besides, there are also cases of raising hedgehogs for different purposes.

In general, it seems that it is straightforward to raise this animal. However, if you do not know how to grow and care for them, the ability to keep them for a long time will not be possible.

On the other hand, there are opinions about feeding hedgehogs with hedgehog food. This claim is not valid and provable. Therefore, the following article will find the answer to the question Is hedgehog food good for hedgehogs. 

What Is Hedgehog Food?

Hedgehog food is a ready-made food made from nutrients and animal meat to be most suitable for hedgehogs. These foods often contain the best substances for the growth of the hedgehog.

Currently, many brands sell good hedgehog food for hedgehogs. Some brands also widely promote porcupine food with high quality and low prices.

Is Hedgehog Food Good For Hedgehogs? 

Is Hedgehog Food Good For Hedgehogs

In fact, most people think hedgehog food is good for hedgehogs. These thoughts are entirely wrong because no hedgehog food is good at all. In hedgehog food, there are harmful and unknown ingredients.

At the same time, these foods will often mix ingredients and puree to combine into food. These components negatively affect the development of the group.

In short, hedgehog food is not suitable for hedgehogs. You need to pay attention to choose whole foods or foods from nature. Hedgehogs have a reasonably simple diet, but it will affect their life cycle if not chosen correctly.

Some Ingredients In Hedgehog Food Should Not Be Used

The reason hedgehog food is not suitable for hedgehogs is usually the ingredients. Please refer to the following information to learn more about elements that should not be included in hedgehog food.

Poultry additive powder

The purpose of using poultry additive powder in hedgehog food is to help stimulate them to eat more. However, this additive powder is not suitable for the growth of hedgehogs.

This powder is essentially a part of any animal. Then they puree and make a powder to put in hedgehog food. It can be seen that this additive powder is of poor quality.

On the contrary, this powder also reduces the resistance and vitality of the hedgehog. Additive powder also has dangerous chemicals, so hedgehogs have side effects if they eat food with this substance.

In general, it is difficult to determine the expression when the hedgehog eats food containing poultry additive powder. If possible, you should research before deciding to buy that hedgehog food.

Whole wheat flour

Similar to poultry additives, whole-wheat flour also poses dangers to hedgehogs. Whole-wheat flour is used in feed because the product is high in fiber and vitamins.

According to previous updates, this powder is made from chicken. However, it’s just flour and doesn’t have any meat.

On the other hand, not everyone knows that this type of flour has a short shelf life. In case of long-term use, there will be a rotten smell in porcupine food. Therefore, you should be careful with this powder.

Ground Aspen

Real hedgehogs don’t eat Aspen, so any product that contains Ground Aspen should not be used. Many brands put Aspen in hedgehog food for different purposes.

Until now, this substance in hedgehog food is very little. However, it is not without, so you must pay attention to this component.

Cellulose powder

Cellulose powder

Powdered cellulose is also not an ingredient that should be included in hedgehog food. Because hedgehogs don’t have a cecum, they can’t digest this ingredient.

In powdered cellulose, the amount of cellulose is relatively high. However, porcupines cannot digest this substance. Eating food containing this substance will interfere with eating.

If you are inexperienced in choosing hedgehog food, you can avoid all powders. What ingredients are related to the powder you can eliminate from the beginning.


Among the types of ingredients that should be limited in hedgehog food, there is also gluten. This substance is a type of protein that consists of many different components. When combined with other substances, it will help increase the growth of hedgehogs.

The nature of this substance is that it is insoluble in water, so it will be difficult to digest. For this reason, the hedgehog cannot eat and drink as usual. Even they have a hard time going to the toilet. 

Milk and dairy products, alcohol

Milk and dairy products for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs, like dogs and cats, cannot digest the Lactose component in milk. Because in their intestines, there is no particular enzyme to digest this ingredient. As a result, it will remain in the stomach and cause diarrhea.

Alcohol and stimulant drinks can cause poisoning for hedgehogs because the porcupine’s digestive system is fragile. These drinks can be harmful to the whole person. Therefore, it is best not to give it to pets.

Fatty foods

Hedgehogs are omnivores, and their diet includes a lot of nuts. In which peanuts, sunflowers, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, chestnuts … contain a lot of oil and saturated fat. Feeding hedgehogs with these nuts for a long time will cause obesity and cardiovascular complications.

However, that does not mean that all these nuts are removed from the hedgehog’s food. You can feed the hedgehog while training. Or provide in a moderate amount and evenly divide it into meals throughout the day. Do not overfeed.

Food for humans such as snacks, chips, snacks, sweets, salty foods, fried foods, fried foods do not feed the hedgehog.


1. Should you feed hedgehogs every day?

Hedgehogs are omnivores, so they are easy to adapt and develop. However, it would help if you feed hedgehogs every day. Since you have considered their pets, they need to be taken care of in the best way. Feeding the hedgehog will make it easier to monitor their condition and if there are any unusual activities.

2. Is it OK for hedgehogs to eat bird food?

Any food porcupine can eat, including bird food. In some cases, hedgehogs will get too large of food from bird food. Therefore, if possible, do not feed the hedgehog bird food.

3. Should you feed hedgehogs every night?

The meals of the hedgehog all day have an indefinite time. If you are a hedgehog owner, maybe those meals will be more on time. Therefore, depending on the situation, you should feed hedgehogs every night. In cases where it is not necessary, it can be limited.

4. Do hedgehogs eat apples?

Hedgehogs eat apples. Many people add some fresh fruit to their hedgehog’s diet. Apple is the kind that they often use because apples contain many nutrients. In addition, you can add bananas, melons, fresh vegetables, ….

5. Can hedgehogs have peanut butter?

In fact, peanut butter is not a natural ingredient that hedgehogs need to supplement. Therefore, hedgehogs can’t have peanut butter.

6. Can hedgehogs eat cheese?

The answer is yes, but if necessary, you should not feed the hedgehog cheese. However, hedgehogs are not lactose intolerant, so eating cheese can cause indigestion and gas.


Through the specific sharing of the article, I hope you know the answer to the question Is hedgehog food good for hedgehogs. Wish you take good care of your hedgehog and give it the best.

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