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How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost ?

Currently, the demand for pets is increasingly popular and growing. Accordingly, the species of pets are also more diverse, and it is no longer a dog or a cat. A typical example is the raising of ornamental hedgehogs by many people.

For those looking for a particularly unique and odorless “companion,” the Hedgehog is a great choice.

Like raising other pets, when you own a Hedgehog, you must invest some money for the initial preparation and periodic health checks of the pet. To learn more about that number, you can refer to the article below.

Hedgehog Price Overview

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost

First, we will analyze the prices of hedgehogs on the market. For more money, you can bring home quality seeds.

In general, breeders have constantly researched and produced many different types of hedgehogs. Indeed, the cost to own will also vary depending on the characteristics of the Hedgehog.

According to a few recent surveys, most of the popular hedgehogs on the market are priced from $125 to $300. In addition, you can also buy Hedgehogs for $ 100, but this number is usually for individuals that are not healthy or can not reproduce.

If you need to breed and breed hedgehogs, it’s best to choose good quality breeds for $300.

Moreover, it would help if you only chose to buy at reputable and specialized pet stores. As a result, you will have assurance and timely help for troubles in raising a pet.

Through the above information, it is possible to own a good individual with a mid-range price. However, it is not enough to buy the baby hedgehog alone, and you also have to spend many other costs to ensure the best living conditions for your pet. 

Additional Costs Involved

In fact, the stock price is only a fraction of all the investment costs to raise a hedgehog. The following are the commonly incurred amounts in the process of increasing the hedgehogs of many people.


Additional Costs Involved

Hedgehogs are omnivores, so it is often difficult to find specialized food for them. So you can substitute with cat food. Accordingly, a package of food ranges from $5 to $8. At this cost, many people can accept and be satisfied.


As for the hiding place, you can equip the pet with a plastic cage. Overall, prices range from $35 to $80, depending on the quality of the product. Some people choose to use tank

glasses to save. However, it will be difficult to clean and quickly accumulate pathogens for hedgehogs due to poor ventilation.

Thermostats, thermometers for hedgehogs

Thermostats-thermometers for hedgehogs

Next is an essential kit for pet owners, which is a thermometer. Because animals have different temperatures than humans, you may not be able to feel their fluctuations. 

Therefore, it is reasonably necessary to prepare a thermostat with a price of $ 10 – $ 20 for animals.

Veterinary examination

In fact, hedgehogs are pretty easy to keep, so you don’t need to visit the veterinarian too often. But, it would help if you did not neglect regular checkups for them. If you can’t afford it, you can bring your Hedgehog to the vet once a year for a general checkup. 

Typically, the cost of veterinary visits is between $50-150 dollars per year. This amount is still lower than the medical value for the Hedgehog. Therefore, you should not be subjective.


To ensure the best oral safety for hedgehogs, you can bring this pet to the dental clinic for cleaning. Usually, this one time spends from 50$-150$. And if you do not have the condition, it is okay not to take care of your teeth for healthy hedgehogs regularly. You may even never need dental care in your entire life.


Toy for Hedgehog

That Hedgehog is an animal that likes exercise and movement. So, you should buy some more games so that your pet does not stress in the cage. Depending on the type, you can consider toys for hamsters, cats, mice with prices from $ 1 to $ 20.

Environmental maintenance

For animals, the living environment has a considerable influence on health. Therefore, environmental maintenance is essential. Typically, you can change some parts such as cushions, heat bulbs, wipes, etc. Or you can disinfect the better. 

Accordingly, the cost for the maintenance of the entire environment is between $100-270 per year. If you think it’s pretty high, you might consider not changing a few things.

Treatment of Parasites

If the living environment is not well ventilated, some parasites will develop and affect the Hedgehog. For timely detection, make sure to have an annual vet visit and keep a close eye on any unusual issues with your Hedgehog. If you do it well, you will save $150 on parasite treatment at the veterinary hospital.

1 scale to weigh the hedgehog weekly

scale for Hedgehog

To monitor the health of the Hedgehog more fully, a scale is essential. For those cases where conditions are not possible, you can consider choosing cheap products or used goods. In addition, you can also rest assured because the price of a scale is not as high as a hedgehog.

Shampoo for hedgehogs

Although ornamental hedgehogs have almost no odor and they are usually in a clean state, you still need a hedgehog body cleaning product for $5-10. A shampoo bottle will help remove the bacteria on the feathers, ensuring your safety when kissing the Hedgehog. 

On the market, hedgehog shampoo is also very diverse, and you can refer to the brand that accompanies your pet at a young age to avoid the strange feeling when bathing your pet. 

Costs Summary For A Year Of Raising Hedgehogs

In short, for hedgehog farming to be convenient, besides choosing a good breed, the preparation of the factors mentioned above is essential.

An overview of all of the overhead expenses for a year is between $200–600. However, farming has a feature that the more years you go, the less money you will spend. Usually, a hedgehog only lives about 5-7 years, so it will not cost you too much money in its life.

Also, to keep costs down, you adopt hedgehogs that others have abandoned. Many breeders will also offer hedgehog starter kits for as little as $75 for the inexperienced. Accordingly, you do not need to prepare anything more than taking the Hedgehog to the veterinarian once a year.


In addition to the information above, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. From there, you will be able to add more helpful knowledge when deciding to raise a hedgehog.

Do hedgehogs make good pets?

In general, the use of hedgehogs as pets is no longer strange to many people. For those who like unique and small animals, choosing a hedgehog as a pet is highly reasonable. More specifically, this type of pet does not have a foul smell and is very cute.

Does PetSmart sell hedgehogs?

PetSmart is a relatively large and reputable pet market. So, you can buy hedgehogs here. Besides selling hedgehogs, PetSmart also expands to sell more necessary items for pet care (porcupine) at different prices. In addition, you have a wide selection of versions and models of animals and gadgets.

Are hedgehogs cuddly?

With many types of ornamental hedgehogs today, you can thoroughly train it to cuddle with you. If you live and become familiar with porcupines, it is natural to have this object attached to you. You must make sure to contact and play with pets regularly. Then you will create a feeling of closeness to them.

Do hedgehogs bite?

Up to now, we have not seen pet hedgehogs that bite the owner in serious condition. Because the Hedgehog’s teeth are not too dangerous, if the Hedgehog attacks you, it will not cause any severe consequences. You are also assured because ornamental hedgehogs are pretty gentle and do not bite people for no reason.


In general, raising hedgehogs requires you to invest a slightly high amount of money. But on the contrary, you will have exciting and unique experiences with your new friend.

Through this article, we hope you will have specific information about the price to own a hedgehog by your side. From there, the cake can consider its conditions to make a suitable choice.

Thanks for reading!

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