10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Hedgehog

Having a pet is a very close and familiar thing to everyone. When you go to someone’s house, you easily come across a lazy puppy or cat. However, hedgehogs are slightly different and less common pets. Unlike other animals, hedgehogs are complex and demanding on caregivers. 

Therefore, if you think of owning this shaggy animal, read 10 things you need to know before buying a hedgehog. These tips will help you make a better decision. Let’s start exploring.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Hedgehog

These notes will show you the joys and frustrations of raising a hedgehog. You must make sure you meet these requirements before bringing this animal home.

1. Longevity

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Hedgehog

The first thing you need to know before buying a hedgehog or any other animal is its lifespan. Hedgehogs have a lifespan of 4 to 7 years. So that means you can’t live and stick with it for the rest of your life.

So, you have to accept that you will have to say goodbye to your lovely little friend one day. To not regret the past, when you let it into your life, love, learn and take care of this new friend very carefully.

However, a long-lived animal also has a few disadvantages. Besides feeding, you also have to take it to the doctor for regular check-ups or when sick. But, the cost of re-examination is not too high.

2. Not entirely legal

Nowadays, many people choose hedgehogs as their pets. This animal is unique, novel, and has a lot of fun that excites them. However, the legality of hedgehogs is not widespread. In many locations, its presence is not allowed.

So you have to accept that you can’t go everywhere with it. In particular, most universities do not allow the appearance of pets. If you are staying in a hostel, you need to consider it before putting it home.

3. It’s pretty easy to get sick

Any animal will get sick. However, hedgehogs are pretty weak. They are very susceptible to diseases. Therefore, it requires you to spend a lot of time taking care of and learning about this animal. That way, you can detect anomalies and promptly provide solutions.

Usually, it would help if you took him to the vet when this prickly animal shows signs of being strange. Medical practitioners will quickly diagnose diseases and correct health problems. However, the fee is relatively high.

It can cost you $60 for a visit, and it’s probably okay a few times. Therefore, make sure you have enough money to feed it in the long term.

4. Hedgehog spines can give you a rash

Hedgehog feathers can give you a rash

Beautiful sharp spines are always dangerous. For that reason, you must be very careful with them. In particular, do not directly grab those hairs with your hands; it may cause injury.

In addition, these spines can cause a rash if it is accidentally pricked directly on you. In particular, bumping into dirty spines, you will get the same feeling as rushing into a beehive, which hurts.

There is no other way, but you have to be meticulous. Gloves can also protect you somewhat. At first, you have to accept a lot of stinging to learn everything about this animal. 

Over time, if you understand its characteristics and habits, the accidents will be limited. Especially when you truly love it, it will never hurt you.

5. Regular Keep – warm demand

Regular Keep - warm demand

The temperature you need to maintain for your hedgehogs is 72 – 80 degrees, a very high-temperature range. Ordinary people can’t stand it. Therefore, you must have a separate fireplace in its living area.

Parents or adults will not like this. They consider fireplaces very dangerous. Leaving a heater in the home poses a fire risk. Therefore, you must convince your family or give up your wish to have a hedgehog.

Try to figure out how to warm the hedgehog. Because, without the necessary temperature, this sensitive animal cannot survive up to 7 years. 

6. Hedgehogs are solitary species

If you look at the hedgehog’s fur, you must have understood something about its life. This animal lives very alone. It cannot integrate with the community. Therefore, you cannot keep two hedgehogs in the same cage.

Perhaps, you also have to accept being abandoned by it, which won’t hang out with you too much. It also won’t try to get close to you.

Of course, you can’t hug it and cuddle it like a dog. In particular, you need to spend a lot of thought and feelings to embody it for the first time. If you are sincere enough, one day, finding that feeling will flower.

In addition, do not be too surprised to see the hedgehog suddenly indifferent to you even though yesterday you both had fun together all day. These animals are like that, and they are born different and unique like that.

7. Hedgehogs go out very messy

Another thing that you sometimes face is that hedgehogs naturally poop and urinate while running. They will poop and urinate on their feet. Then run everywhere.

So, you will have a lot of headaches cleaning up with this mess. If you live with your family, you must take care of them carefully before being scolded by your parents.

People who are clean or don’t like to clean may find this annoying habit. However, if you love an animal enough, taking care of it and bathing it is excellent. The two of you will have more time to gather and get to know each other better. You will find them very adorable and will gradually fall in love with it a lot more.

Obviously, once it’s clean, you have to clean up the mess it causes. Fortunately, this animal is not too large, so feces and urine do not let the house stink. You just need to clean and disinfect regularly; the living environment is still very fresh.

8. Hedgehogs like to be active in the evening

During the day, the hedgehogs are very sluggish and lifeless. But when the night comes, they become very naughty and resourceful. They will rush to make noise everywhere. You will have trouble when constantly making noises when eating when it moves. Maybe, you will stay awake with it.

Because it is nocturnal, the best time is still at night if you want to build a relationship with it. After a long day of work or study, it is lovely to come and play and talk with your pet in the evening.

However, in the early stages, you should get up a little early to have more time to play with it. So you will be able to bond emotionally with the hedgehog. Like many other pets, raising such a hedgehog always requires you to spend more time. 

9. Hedgehogs need supernatural food

Hedgehogs need supernatural food

The food that helps stabilize the porcupine’s digestive system is the live insect. It would be best to not dry insects to feed them because this food will make them constipated.

Hedgehogs have stomachs that digest chitin well. This is the insect’s exoskeleton. This thorny animal will absorb nutrients from the skeleton and thrive. However, many people do not know this or have passed this information. Therefore, they gave the hedgehog the wrong food.

If you don’t give this animal the right stuff, it will never grow well, and you will have to spend a lot of money going to the doctor. So please pay attention to this. The more natural and fresh the food, the more valuable it will be for the hedgehog.

10. Hedgehogs need a reasonably large cage

The hedgehog is not very large, but its fur is quite long. For that reason, you need a large cage, not the largest, to make a shelter for this animal. Size 4 square feet is the perfect suggestion. Of course, you also have to be able to heat that area.

Although you can afford to prepare a larger space, this is not necessary. Hedgehogs don’t like large open areas. Instead, it prefers a large square box to burrow in freely.

Requesting ample accommodation can be a bit difficult for those who don’t have a lot of space or are with large families. Therefore, you need to consider and prepare a suitable place to live before taking it home.


Here are 10 things you need to know before buying a hedgehog. Compared to other animals, hedgehogs will be more challenging to raise. So before you decide to bring one home, you need to learn carefully the information related to this animal. Make sure you can afford it so you won’t regret it later.

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