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Worlds Coolest Dog Toys

Some of the most enjoyable times you’ll have with your dog will be spent playing together. Be it in the park, beach, garden or simply indoors, dogs love to play with their owners and family.

Choosing some great toys can really maximise your time spent with your dog. Here’s an overview of our favourites that won’t get instantly destroyed, and will keep your dog (and you!) amused for weeks ahead.

The Kong Wobbler
The Kong Wobbler is basically a physical puzzle for the dog. Known as a “work-to-eat” toy, your dog has to paw, shake and roll the thing to release the food.

Varsity Ball

You simply place the food inside beforehand, and it’s dispensed piece by piece as your dog moves the Kong around.

It’s a great way to turn mealtime from a boring routine into a stimulating challenge – when you see the focus and satisfaction your dog gets from it, we’re sure you’ll agree.

This is another work-to-eat toy, but with a twist.

The Tug-a-Jug consists of a transparent container with a narrow hole and a rope leading into it.

When the dog pulls the rope, a little bit of food comes out.Dogs tend to really enjoy the Tug-a-Jug, shaking it swinging it and doing whatever they can to release the next tasty morsel.

If your dog gets really into it and goes for the “whirl-it-around” strategy, you might need to stand well back – things can get a little hectic.

Dog Ball Launcher
Simple and effective, the dog ball launcher greatly magnifies the distance you can throw a ball.

It consists of a handle, long shaft and a cup that grabs and holds the ball, but only just tightly enough, so that when you swing the stick it releases the ball at great speed.

You’ll be able to launch the ball much further than you could throwing it by hand, hopefully to the delight of your canine companion.

You can give energetic dogs a real workout in the park with this one, without straining your shoulder. Dog ball launchers also save your back, as you don’t need to bend down far to pick the ball up – just reach down with the launcher.

Rogz Dog Frisbee
Dogs love frisbees, but the items themselves aren’t generally designed for play with animals.

Firstly, hard plastic tends to hurt dogs mouths when caught at speeds, which might explain why your dog suddenly loses interest after a few minutes of Frisbee in the garden.

Secondly, dogs have a tendency to bite and chew the thing they’ve just caught. You can’t really blame them, but it does lead to quickly mangled Frisbees.

The Rogz Dog Frisbee addresses both these issues – it’s very durable and not easily torn. It also soft, and has three holes that allow the dog to catch it without too much impact to their mouth.

The Almost Indestructible Ball
Let’s be honest – durability is the main problem with dog toys, isn’t it? The small, dense balls usually last a while, but bigger inflatable balls often fall victim to a stray tooth or claw, and are punctured all too soon.

It’s just canine nature – dogs experience the the thrill of the chase, but once they’ve caught their prey, what they really want to do is tear the catch apart.

If your dog enjoys “herding” – that is, chasing balls larger than itself that it can’t pick carry in its mouth, then the almost indestructible ball could be your toy of choice. Its durability means your dog can enjoy the chase without putting an end to the fun.

Hopefully some of these toys have given you food for thought. They’re all fairly inexpensive, and with any luck should last a while. Enjoy doggie playtime!

Marcus Falley is a writer for Courses Direct, an Australian based website providing Online Courses in a range of industries, including animal studies and dog psychology! In additional to writing for Courses Direct, Marucs is a keen amateur surf ski paddler, photographer and marathon runner.

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