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Why A Small Dog Might Be The Answer For You

Most people who think of getting a dog will think initially of something like a Labrador or a retriever. These tend to be the ‘default’ dogs that we think of and the ones that most of us want because we think they’ll be healthier, bigger and easier for hugging and generally more practical in a number of scenarios. But I’m here to tell you to reconsider: it may just be that getting a small dog is the best option for you and there are many reasons why you may find they’re the better option. Read on for a few compelling reasons to opt for a small dog over a big one.

It’s Safer

If you have young children and you’re worried about a big dog potentially turning on them or going haywire and knocking them over, then of course getting a much smaller dog might be the answer. This way you will be able to pick the dog up if it starts causing trouble, but more to the point it won’t have the physical strength to cause any damage either intentionally or accidentally.

They’re Cheaper

A little dog is also cheaper for a number of reasons. The first is of course that they cost less to feed – a smaller stomach fills up more quickly meaning that the dog requires less food. At the same time though, you’ll also find that smaller dogs actually have fewer complicated health problems because they aren’t so heavy. Knee issues for instance are very common with dogs in general, but if you have a small pup then this won’t be as much of a problem because they won’t be carrying so much weight on their legs.


Looking after small dogs is also considerably easier. For one you’ll find that they don’t need to be walked so often – because they are that much smaller they will burn off energy much more quickly and easily meaning that you can leave them in the house for longer. At the same time, smaller dogs are also easier to look after because they can be easily carried and they aren’t likely to pull you over on the lead. They’re less likely to cause trouble with other dogs and they take up less space in terms of beds and pens that you may buy for them.

Some Reasons Not to Get a Small Dog

That said though, there are also some good reasons to avoid small dogs. Just as they aren’t going to hurt any larger dogs for instance, you might find that they are nevertheless more likely to get hurt by other dogs which can be a constant worry when you’re walking them.

Likewise smaller dogs can also be a trip hazard which means they often won’t be suitable for elderly owners who are maybe prone to falling over. They can also fit through smaller gaps meaning that you’re going to work extra hard to keep your home secure.

Small dogs then aren’t for everyone, but they certainly do have a number of advantages. Make sure that you consider a littler pup then and you may find it’s the answer for you.

Jack brown is an animal lover who writes for Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, a veterinarian hospital based in Staten Island. When he isn’t working, he enjoys going on long drives and camping trips.

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