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Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet

I think it is their non judgmental attitude or the promise of having a companion no matter what. Or it is their soulful eyes which ask us not to leave them. Yup, I am talking about pets and the variety of reasons people give while getting one. If you are one of them who constantly dream about a pup or a cat, then it is high time to get one for your own. But before, that make sure that you are ready for a pet. Owning a pet isn’t a cakewalk, it requires some changes and a strong commitment from your part, but a pet is truly worthy of the things you change. These are some of the things you should consider before getting a pet.

Pets aren’t something which you decide you want today and bother about it the next day. An average lifespan of any pet, be it a cat or a dog, is around 12 to 15 years. Are you really sure that you can honor your commitment to them for that period?

Financially Sound
I am not going to lie to you and say that owning a pet got nothing to do with your financial well being. If you want your pet to be healthy and happy, it should be given proper medical care. Shots and other medical issues are to be treated in a timely manner and this is not cheap. It is not overly expensive either. If you are financially stable, then you needn’t worry.

Home Environment
If you live in an apartment or a high-rise condo without a yard, you must make sure you choose a pet which doesn’t require as much exercise as others would. For example, Chihuahua requires very minimal exercise but Labrador retriever requires a very vigorous exercise routine. Choose a pet which suits your lifestyle.

If you are single who is highly ambitious (to the extreme that you spend around 18 hours in the office even on weekends), then you might want to rethink your idea of getting a pet. Pets need care, time, dedication and attention. “Are you sure you have time for a pet?” is one of the most common questions your friend will ask you when you express your wish to get a pet and it is a completely valid question. Think this through before deciding. On the other hand, if you are as highly ambitious as mentioned above but have others in your family who can take care of your pet when you are at work, then you can go ahead.

Okay, this is not something which many consider before buying a pet. Patience is required, especially in the early stages when you bring your pet home. Pets sometimes take a bit of time to settle down and feel comfortable in your home and there is also the training part. It might seem like you are always cleaning up one mess or the other, but once you have disciplined/trained your pup, everything will seem natural.

You might be wondering if getting a pet is really worth all these troubles, but trust me you will not regret it.

This article is authored by Jessica Reynolds. She is a freelance writer, a social activist and also an active member of PETA who fight for the well-being of dog, cat, puppy, kitten, and other animals. She writes articles on a wide range of topics affecting our daily life.

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