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Purebred Breeders Review – Americas top Breeders SCAM

Mswinns Says: I purchased my yorkie in 2009. I was suppose to get a toy yorkie but I received a standard size one. I did my research on the breed and yorkies are suppose to have all black nail but my dog has white and black nails also his parents are both under 4 pounds…so they say… and my dog weighs close to 11 pounds. I’m gonna get a blood test done..if it comes out to be a mix dog. I’m gonna take legal action for false advertisement. I would not refer them to anyone.

Kelindasoii Says:DO NOT BUY FROM PUREBREDBREEDERS.COM liars liars liars liars. I’m sick and depressed because I have a sick puppy!!!!

Crosby87 Says:
This is a fraud company. We bought a $2,000 dog to find out that she had a ear flop that could not be fixed, and PureBred Breeders didn’t do anything about it. It has been 2 months since we got the dog and nothing has been done. DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM HERE!

Jessica Says: NOT A GOOD COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. I love my puppy and wouldn’t trade her for anything but I would never use this company again. My dog costed over 4000.00 for a over price $2000.00 dog. PLEASE LOOK else where.

Kjalil Says: Terrible people terrible business.$2600.00 teacup poodle turned out to be toy poodle. 12 weeks old 4.6 lb. Picked her up at the airport knew there was a problem called them from the airport. NO HELP AT ALL. A week later no refund no ticket to send the dog back. Thank god I used a credit card. They could tell it was the wrong dog but purebred breeders could not. Got my money back from card company. Called and called to get a ticket for the dog to be returned. No help. I finally called Delta got the 800 number called Jenna and told her here is the number here is the weight of the dog and crate which they already had because they shipped it to me. Now is that simple enough for you to get the ticket. The next day I had a ticket but I HAD to pay 306.00 at the airport for the ticket , Took another week to get that money back. Called the Attorney General and filed a complaint. They have 20 days to respond to them. They still owe me for the vet bill because the dog had worms and a bad knee. What an ordeal for something that should have been fun. They make it as hard as possible. You never get to talk to the same person I bet I talked to 8 different people. Shame ON YOU Purebred Breeders A very unhappy customer.

Cingrlata Says: They use puppy mills to obtain their puppies and purposely deceive the customer!We purchased a German Shepherd puppy about 8 months ago and she has had non-stop problems ever since. It is disgusting and inhumane.DO NOT PURCHASE A DOG FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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4 Responses to “Purebred Breeders Review – Americas top Breeders SCAM”

  1. Jason says:

    I don’t have words to explain about these guys. They are 100% scam. You can check their review by “Purebred Breeders review”. Stay away from these company.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I was thinking about adopting a dog from that site… but after all these times where the puppy wasn’t as healthy as it says on the website, or the fact that the code of ethics doesn’t mean anything… Good thing I researched Purebred Breeders. I knew those testimonials smelled fishy. Never going to adopt from there.

  3. beachgirl says:

    This company is a scam. I had a few minute conversation with someone there and they were rude. Plus I think they should be charged with false advertising as they promote the pups being in one state when they are really are in another. I couldn’t get over how rude this person was. I would never give this company money.


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