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Man’s Best Friend: Top 5 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Getting a family dog is a great way to teach your children responsibility and compassion, and can even help make your home safer. However, not all dogs are built the same. Choosing the right breed for you and your kids can go a long way towards making sure your new pet is a happy and healthy addition to your family. Here are some breeds to consider if a family dog is in your future. (Note: These may not officially be the five best breeds for families, but they’re widely considered among the best options.)

Loyal and affectionate, bulldogs are sturdy and powerful, but relatively low-energy when compared to other small sized breeds. Though smaller breeds can be a tempting choice in environments with limited space, their commonly high strung nature can make them a bad fit for families. Unlike most smaller breeds, a bulldog’s naturally docile and friendly demeanor makes it great with kids and other pets, and this breed thrives even in small apartments.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, beagles are sturdy, energetic, and a great companion for active kids. Their popularity has been on the rise ever since Peanuts famously portrayed Snoopy as the quintessential playful childhood companion. Beagles have a reputation for being very smart, and generally get along well with other animals. Though they do shed, regular brushing is the most grooming they require. Shop for pet supplies online to get a simple grooming kit you can use at home, instead of scheduling inconvenient grooming appointments. Toys can help in teaching them to avoid chewing on your stuff, too.

Although poodles are often associated with peculiar haircuts, their unique fur sheds very little and is a great hypo-allergenic option, though it does require a dedicated grooming schedule. Standard poodles are smart, loyal, and easygoing, making them an increasingly popular choice for family pets. Although they are athletic and originally bred as water retrieving dogs, poodles have a calm and gentle disposition and integrate well into families.

Golden Retriever
Their patient, playful and protective manner have made golden retrievers a classic choice for a furry companion. Loyal, energetic and eager to please, golden retrievers have a lasting reputation for being very trainable. Their enduring patience and kindness makes them a reliable choice, even for families with small children.

Though the name is still somewhat unknown to many of us, vizslas are becoming a favorite breed for more families than ever. This short-haired breed is smart, athletic, and highly obedient, making them a great option for homes with energetic older kids. Though vizslas need lots of exercise, with proper diligent care they make a gentle and loyal family pet. They are also easily groomed.

While every family is different and has unique needs, these are some decent options for a canine companion to your household. Consider your needs and desires thoroughly before making a decision.

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