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Little and Big Companions: 5 Tips To Help Your Pets Look Great

Whether your best friend is a horse, a dog, or a cat, you want all your pets to look and feel their best. From proper grooming to the perfect tack to the most attractive accessories, here are some tips to help you keep your four legged friends looking great all summer long.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
Regular baths are key to keeping any pet’s coat healthy and shiny. Choose a good quality, all-natural shampoo. Tea tree oil is good for pets that tend to get skin irritations, and oatmeal-based products can help keep the itching from bug bites and summer dust away. Your can even find horse shampoos that are designed to bring out your horse’s natural color and prevent sun-induced fading. Just don’t bathe your pets more frequently than weekly, or you will risk causing a dry, itchy skin and coat.

5 Tips To Help Your Pets Look Great

The Right Brush for the Job
If you have horses, you probably have a whole collection of brushes and combs, all designed for different uses. Even dog and cat owners probably have more than one. For dirt, mats, and stubborn coats, choose a curry comb (for horses) or a wire brush (for dogs and cats). Don’t pull too hard, and don’t use these brushes on the tender skin of the face or legs. Follow up with a softer brush to dust away all the loose debris and make that coat shine.

The Mani-Pedi
Trimming toenails and hooves is a part of every pet owner’s job. Dogs and cats should have their nails trimmed monthly. Be careful not to cut nails too short or they will hurt and bleed. Your local veterinarian can show you how. Horses should have their hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks, even if they don’t wear shoes. This doesn’t just make your horse look great. It helps him move better, too, and nothing looks better than horse in natural motion.

Cute and Classy Gear
Whether you are an English or a western rider, finding the right horse tack to make your horse look put together is very important. Choose colors for saddle pads, boots, and wraps that complement your horse’s coat. Dark oiled tack looks great on many coat colors. Light oil is harder to match, but can be a good choice for grays and palominos. Use caution if you show in many English disciplines (especially dressage), as specific colors and styles of tack are often required. Colored saddle pads, in particular, can put some judges into fits of consternation. Follow similar guidelines when shopping for leashes and collars for dogs.

Off-the-Job Duds
Even when your horse isn’t working, you want him to look great. Horse apparel comes in all colors and styles. Blankets, fly sheets, masks, and hoods are available in every color and pattern of the rainbow. Choose items that are fun and match your horse’s personality– if he’s a staid European gentlemen, pick a nice Newmarket pattern or a solid. If he’s a wild punk, go for leopard or zebra print. There’s nobody to please in this department except for you!

With all the pet products available today, there are so many ways to keep your pet looking great that you are limited only by your imagination. From grooming and nail trims to saddles and blankets, choose quality and coordinated colors, then step back and let your attitude and your pet’s personality shine through.

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