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How to Worm Your Horse ?

Worms are a bit like squatters. They arrive unannounced, they sit around and stay uninvited inside your property all day and they’re a nightmare to get out. Worms can really affect the health of your horse and so it is imperative that you look after and treat these with a worming treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, with a well organised horse worming schedule, horse-keepers can help to ensure that their horses remain healthy throughout the year.

Veterinarians recommend deworming every two months using a variety of different products designed in accordance with the life cycles of a variety of parasites.

Due to the variety of parasites that can infest a horse it is important that livestock wormers are used throughout the year not only as a cure to an evident infection but also as prevention to any potential infections. Adhering to a strict horse wormers schedule helps to prevent the onset of any long term problems in a horse’s well-being.

For routine worming you can opt for any product on the market with the exception of Equitape (this combats a more specific problem), whilst if you are worming against a particular parasite then it is advisable to buy a product aimed precisely at medicating against a particular infection.

When medicating against Tapeworm, in April and October, it is recommended that equimax horse wormers are used.

Ideally, equimax wormers should be used at the beginning and the end of a horse’s grazing season so that the horse is free from infection and healthy at the beginning and end of its grazing cycle.

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