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How To Setup A Fish Aquarium For Under $100

Nothing catches the eye like a beautiful fish aquarium. A fish tank can give off so many unique vibes just by the different styling and decorations inside of it. You can setup a fish aquarium in your business office to have an eye piece for your customers or you can have it purely as a hobby tank in your home. Different tank setups and scenarios can bring such a wide variety of aspects to a location.

I’m considered an “aquarium geek” and take part in club that is specifically called that. I get made fun of a lot for that fact but I don’t let it slow me down. I’m excited about this guide I have put together today for you. I’m going to explain how to setup and establish a fish aquarium for under $100 dollars (U.S.).

The Bigger The Better

Most beginners in the fish aquarium hobby want to ease themselves into the hobby sort of say. This would usually consist of them trying to find a 20 gallon aquarium. This is almost the smallest fish aquarium they make and that seems like the “cheap and easiest” route. Huge mistake actually. With fish aquariums, the larger the tank the easier it is to care for and maintain. This is a huge misconception that beginners just don’t understand.

The most ideal size aquarium for a beginner and intermediate level fishkeeper is a 55 gallon aquarium. It seems big to you as a beginner but it truly isn’t. Compare the tank size to a human living inside of a closet and that’s how fish feel in a small tank. Without getting too much into detail, your going to just have to trust me on this one.

Buy Used of Petco’s Epic Deal

When a person has dozens of fish aquariums in his basement, you should trust his advice. The two best ways to save money buying fish aquariums is to buy used or find Petco’s fish tank deal.

I usually never display pet store names or solicit deals of anything but Petco has an amazing aquarium special. If you are a “pet’s perk member” you can buy any of their aquariums for $1 a gallon. That means a 55 gallon tank is going to cost you $55. By the way, the membership is totally free and they just ask for a email to send you coupons.

Buying used equipment is your next best saving method. So many people drop this hobby of fish keeping like a bad habit. It seems people have issues keeping fish alive because they don’t do research and then they just give up. I’ve seen so many tanks go for free even. Aquariums take up space and people hate that clutter. Keep your eye open. Craigslist, pet consignment shops, good wills, and salvation armies are awesome places to look too.

Cost of Your Tank. Be Picky

This is the heart of this entire article. Listen closely here, do not pay over $100 for your tank. Keep your eye open and your deal will come soon enough and that I promise you. Try to also snag a deal where you can get “all extras” included too. This all the plants, filters, air pumps and more. That stuff adds up in money and you might as well try to catch someone getting rid of everything they have.

Setting Up The Tank

Once you get your aquarium home, your going to want to give everything a rinse over. Use the garden hose and just give it a good cleaning. No Soap or any chemicals remember. I like to use only the water and a flat razor blade to really clean the glass. Fill your tank with water and let the tank sit full of water for a while.

Here Is The Tricky Part

The reason so many beginners have issues with their fish dying is because their tank lacks “beneficial bacteria.” They are at the same step you are at except they rush to go out and buy fish already. The fish need that good bacteria to live in your new tank. Without getting too scientific, your tank doesn’t have any yet but will down the road.

Go to your pet store and ask for one of their filter pads or a piece of their filter pad. The filter is what houses the bacteria. Get that filter piece and put it in your tank and your ready to go with fish.

It’s that simple and yet so many beginners struggle with it. That needed bacteria is a huge deal for the dish. I highly advise beginner fish like mollies, goldfish, bettas, and lots more. They all cost under $5 a piece and that still leaves you under $100.

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