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How To Prepare Your Fish Aquarium For Self Storage

Most people are concerned with figuring out how to move an aquarium and the fish that go in it from one point to another. However, if you don’t have fish anymore for one reason or another but you would like to keep the tank for use at some point in the future. Or maybe you decided to go with a bigger or smaller fish tank but would like to keep the original. Instead of having the aquarium take up room in your home, you’d rather keep it in a storage unit for later use. Lucky for you, storing an aquarium properly is very easy.

Emptying the Aquarium
First off, make sure there is no water in the tank. Then ensure each component of the fish tank is bone dry before it enters self storage, otherwise any wet items may lead to mold growth.  You may want to go with a climate-controlled storage unit to further prevent any condensation or mold issues.

Any living plants should be removed. If you planning to keep the plants or giving them away simply keep the roots wet and move them to their new home. Plants should not be put into storage. Any terrain medium, like sand or gravel, should be removed, dried, and stored in a bucket.

Unplug and remove heaters, filters, pumps, decorations, and other accessories. Allow everything to dry completely before packing them up. Filter mediums should be cleaned and then placed in a sealed container.

All external attachments should be carefully wrapped and packed as though you were packing dishes. This will discourage any damage that might be caused while moving them. Attachments can be packed with any decorations.

Store any chemicals together in a sealed container. Before packing them up, make sure there are no holes in the individual containers and check for expiration dates.

The aquarium itself should be padded sufficiently as to prevent any damage. Wrap the fish tank in towels or blankets. Cover the towels and blankets in a layer of cardboard. It is perfectly safe to secure the padding with tape so long as you don’t mind cleaning off any residue when you use the tank again.

Everything should be clearly labeled for ease of access and damage prevention.

Fish Aquarium For Self Storage

It is extremely important to keep in mind how heavy your aquarium is. If you cannot lift it yourself, enlist the help of some friends. If your aquarium is dropped, the glass or the sealant that holds the glass together could break.

When finding a spot for your aquarium in your storage unit, remember that the aquarium must be kept level. If it isn’t, the sealant could crack. Also make sure there is nothing inside your aquarium or on top of it. Any undue stress on the tank could cause it to break.

The accessories and chemicals should be kept close to each other and as close to the aquarium as possible for ease of access.

Taking the Tank Out of Storage
When it’s time to use the stored tank again, simply remove it from self storage and place it in its new home. Make sure to give the aquarium a good cleaning just to ensure you don’t harm your fish.

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