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How To Potty Train A Puppy

Most puppies, whether from a breeder, shelter, or pet store, do not come potty trained. So if you are looking for your first puppy, be prepared! This can be a fun process that helps to strengthen the bond between you and your new puppy, but it does take some time and effort.

Learn the Signs
Puppies normally give signals through body language that they need to potty. At first, it can be difficult to catch onto these signals, but almost all puppies do give warning signs. Some common signals are sniffing the floor, hiding behind furniture or other objects, showing interest in an area he or she had a previous accident, whining, barking, and running towards the door. While this is a broad array of signals, when in doubt take your puppy outside. The goal is to avoid any accidents in the home at all.

No matter how much you try to pay attention, the occasional accident is inevitable. Don’t get angry and don’t scold the dog – it happens.

The Strict Puppy Schedule
The best way to potty train a puppy is to have a strict schedule centered around potty training. You should wake up early and get the puppy outside right away, then feed breakfast, then go back outside, then play time, then outside, then nap time, then outside again, etc. This process might get tiring after a while and it probably will, but it’s only temporary. Your goal is to catch your puppy going potty outside as much as possible, so give your puppy as much opportunity to do so as you reasonably can. When your puppy does go outside, use as much praise as possible and make it really exciting. Soon your puppy will begin to associate going potty outside with a happy and fun human!

Using Training Aids
Many people like to use potty training pads. These pads contain special scents to encourage your dog to use the pads instead of your furniture or carpeting. Once your puppy is going on the pad consistently, you can start using them outdoors as well. Make sure you use lots of praise when your puppy goes outside.

Using a crate can also be beneficial because dogs generally don’t like to soil their sleeping area. If they are confined to a smaller location, they are more likely to hold things in until they are released from their crate. Just remember to go outside immediately after releasing your puppy from its crate. The clock is usually ticking!

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy?
Usually it takes between one to four weeks to potty train a puppy. Sometimes potty training can be a very quick process and for other dogs, it can take up to a month. With proper training, it’s pretty rare for a puppy to take longer than a month. If this is the case for you, try contacting a local trainer to give their input.  Also keep in mind that smaller toy breeds generally take a little longer to learn potty training. This isn’t always the case, but larger breeds in general tend to learn a bit quicker. Just be patient and try to keep things fun. Once your puppy learns, it’s something you won’t ever need to teach again.

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