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How To Choose The Right Insurance For Your Pet

Pet insurance isn’t always as heavily advertised as auto or health insurance, but it can be just as valuable by preventing big veterinarian bills. Veterinarian bills can easily become extremely expensive: yearly booster shots, unexpected surgeries, check-ups and emergency visits can all accumulate without pet insurance. Though you may be familiar with other types of insurance, there are more factors to consider when purchasing an insurance plan for your best friend. Research the following factors before committing to a pet insurance company:

Ensure the company is reputable

Before purchasing any company’s pet insurance plan, you’ll want to ensure the company has a good track record. You should use an online search engine and research any company to confirm a number of different things: the company doesn’t have issues with paying bills that should be covered, the company has a respectable customer service record, and customers would recommend this company to others. Licensed companies often have more requirements before being able to sell insurance, so they’ll often meet a higher standard than unlicensed companies. Once comfortable with a company, you can begin to consider the details of a pet insurance policy. Many companies offer service comparisons between their policy and those of their competitors.

Consider your pet’s insurance needs

There are many great reasons for purchasing pet insurance, and many options you’ll need to opt-in or opt-out of when signing up for the insurance. Consider the breed of your pet while selecting these options: does your dog or cat have any genetic issues or breed issues that would make for a higher premium? For example, some canine breeds have genetic issues with their hips or problems with their sight. You’ll have to choose a plan that makes sense for your pet. And just like other types of insurance, you’ll be able to identify your level of coverage: multiple plans exist just for emergencies, offer comprehensive coverage, and simple everyday coverage plans. Select a plan that makes sense for both your wallet and your pet.

Select a plan without restrictive policies

Some insurance plans will set policy limits such as a “lifetime policy limit” or a “reimbursement limit”. A lifetime policy limit would set a cap on the amount of money a company might pay over the lifetime of your pet – once the limit is reached, they will no longer pay for any bills even if it would be covered under your policy. Reimbursement limits vary greatly from company to company, but it will ultimately set a dollar amount or percentage that is automatically reimbursed for each veterinarian bill. Keeping these types of limits in mind, you’ll want to select a plan that is reasonable in its policies.

Consider your existing vet

Often, veterinarian will recommend or denounce pet insurance plans based on who they have experience working with. If you already have a vet, contact them to ask which companies or plans they recommend for your pet. Also ensure that any plan that you purchase will allow you to continue to see your current vet, or will allow you to see a reputable veterinarian with whom you’re comfortable. It may also be a good idea to consider the area you live in: locations with a higher cost of living may mean higher veterinarian costs. If this describes your area, consider purchasing a plan that allows for higher payments.

Keep deductibles in mind

Though it may mean a higher monthly premium, you’ll need a plan with an affordable deductible. This will be different for everyone, which means you’ll need to select a plan that makes sense for your budget. Options that you selected will affect your deductibles and premiums, so ensure you purchase the plan that best fits your needs.

Overall, pet insurance is a great investment for any pet owner. Ensure you thoroughly understand any pet insurance plan that you may purchase perfectly meets the needs of your pet within your financial means.

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