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House Training: Guaranteed Ways to Get Puppy with the Program

Congratulations on the new family member! A puppy is one of the greatest things you can do to bring a family together, break any bouts of loneliness or boredom, and are pretty darn cute to boot. The key to having a great family dog is training him well as a puppy. It can take a lot of time and hard work, but having a well-trained dog is always worth the effort.

Even the most patient animal lover can go crazy trying to teach their new puppy how to stop using the living room like a toilet. We have put together a list of tips and tricks to help ease this stress and frustration. Remember, every dog is different, so if one thing does not work, just try another.

House Training pet

Preventing Damage
First thing first is to be patient. Easier said than done, of course. Once your puppy finds a spot they like, it is usually where they will go. Try things such as puppy pads, to help prevent damage. In some more extreme cases, you can hire a cleaning or maid service like Grimebusters Ltd to manage any damage. The point of this is to avoid using those devices for long and only when it’s really needed. The number one key to any training is consistency.

Getting a Schedule Together
Be consistent in everything you do, especially with younger puppies. Make sure you are taking them for walks and allowing them to go out often. Rule of thumb is a puppy can hold it only for the number of months he is. For example, a three month old puppy should be let out no less than every three hours.

Small Rewards
Give your new puppy rewards or treats whenever they do go outside. It is easy to find small training treats, which are better for your puppy’s health than full size treats or human food. While you are doing this, you are also bonding together, and can work on other training while on your walks.

Careful Punishments
Don’t punish your puppy for bad behavior. This is one of the hardest things to do while house breaking your new puppy. This includes hitting, yelling, and rubbing his nose in it. While some people insist it works, it can actually hinder the process and harm the puppy.

When he does go in the house, calmly pick him up and take him to where you want him to go instead. This can be a spot in the yard or even the nearest patch of grass or shrub.

If you do it correctly and patiently, your frustration will be kept to a minimum and you will have a greater bond with your new family member. House training is easy when you have a plan and consistent schedule. Be patient and ready to handle any mishaps.

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