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Give Your Pet Some Gadgets to Play With

Dogs are said to be faithful and are considered man’s best friend. Then why not get them something that they would love. If you have a pet dog and love to do just whatever thing for him to play and have a little bit bit of fun then you should go ahead and read further.

With the release of iPhone and the iPad in the market, new gadgets are out representing these cool gadgets of Apple. From designing of T-shirts with graphics of iPhone and iPad printed on them to manufacturing of toys in the shape and size of these gadgets, Apple fans haven’t left anything coming in their way.

Those days won’t be far from today when even your pets would have a craze for these gadgets. If you are an Apple fan having a pet dog and would not miss out on latest news on gadgets, here is something that a pet dog would like.

iBone Dog Toy is one of its kinds. It has got the size between an iPad and iPhone. It is soft and makes a noise that dogs would love. It has been designed to look like an iPhone and small buttons similar to that of an iPhone interface has been embroidered on the front portion of the toy. It measures six inches in length and 4 inches in breadth. Not just the description of the toy matches the looks of the gadget, but also the name is chosen to rhyme with the real one. It is bigger than the iPhone and slightly smaller than the iPad.

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