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Five Ways To Compromise When Your Indoor Pet Becomes Too Comfortable In Your Home

If you have indoor pets, you may have noticed that they’re slowly taking over your home. Toys are strewn everywhere, you store their kibble in with your cereal, and no matter what you do, the house has a certain odor to it. Take your home back by putting these five compromises into effect.

Have a Designated Pet Space
Instead of feeding your pets in the kitchen while your eating supper and having them continually take the comfy couch while you get the hard chair, have a room for them. Feed them here and let them sleep there if you want to get them off your bed. Give them their own dog bowls, pet beds and chew toys. Once you have one room for pets, you can work on gaining control of the rest of the house.

Use Covers
If you’re okay with your pets being on the furniture some of the time, that’s perfectly okay. Just train them to know that they can only sleep on furniture when you give them the go-ahead. Do this by gently lifting or pushing them off the couches and chairs when they get up without permission.

Bathroom Issues
Indoor pets can still be trained to use the bathroom outdoors. If you’re available throughout the day and live in an area where this is acceptable, you can get rid of the litter box or other designated indoor bathroom area completely. However if your pets need to keep going indoors, shop around to find something to fight odors that they’re willing to consistently use. Keep any litter box away from main areas in the home. Stick to the basics of house training your pets, and they will eventually get the hang of it.

Pets generally don’t like being bathed, but cleaning them regularly will significantly cut down on the odors permeating your home. There are many pet grooming tips to help your pets become comfortable with it, but one of the most important things you can do is be consistent. To make the experience more pleasant for your furry friends, feel free to bribe them with treats. Eventually they’ll associate the bath with good food and won’t mind so much.

Take Care of the Toys
Get a little toy box to put your pets’ toys in. You can train them to pick up after themselves if you really try, but the fact is that most people don’t think training their pets to this extent is worth it. That’s okay. Just cut down on the clutter by using a rotation system and only keep a few toys out at a time.

You don’t have to be mean to keep your pets from taking over your home. If they’ve gotten too comfortable, just try some of these reasonable compromises.

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