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Essential Tack Every Horse Owner Needs

Buying a horse is a big investment that comes with a lot of responsibility. You’ll need several bits of tack to ensure that your horse has everything it needs, whether you’re lucky enough to have the space to keep your horse at home or are boarding out. Take a look at our definitive list of essential kit that will keep your horse happy, healthy and well cared for.

 Essential Tack Every Horse Owner Needs.

Grooming Tools

Regular grooming keeps your horse’s hooves and coat healthy, but it also helps to form that all important bond between horse and owner. Most horses love a good brush down and picking their hooves is an effective way to get them used to lifting their foot to let you have a look and do any necessary cleaning. As time goes on you’ll pick up lots of different gear, but when you’re just starting out, this is everything you’ll need:

Hoof Pick – you use this to clean debris from the frogs in your horse’s hooves.

Curry Comb – you can use a hard plastic brush to remove debris from your horse’s coat but you’re better off buying a curry comb as they are specially designed for horses.

Soft Brush – Once you’ve given your horse the onceover with a curry comb, use a soft brush to bring out the shine and give your horse a treat.

Shedding Blade – use this to remove your horse’s winter coat when spring arrives.


The type of tack you need will depend on the riding style you choose. You can ride bareback with a pad, but most riders prefer the safety, security and comfort of a saddle. Get hold of this tack when you’re starting out:

Halter – a halter allows you to keep your horse under control when putting the bridal on and off.

Saddle – you can opt for a saddleseat, Western or English saddle design depending on your preferences. If you’re planning on jumping or dressage then you’ll need a special type of saddle but for general riding you can use the all-purpose type.

Saddle Pad – you need the right type of pad for your saddle and you’ll find a huge range of pads available including pads with pockets and orthopaedic pads.

Bridle and Bit – the bit you choose will depend on your horse’s comfort, or you can use a hackmore or bosal if you’re riding without a bit.

Feed –  if you’ve got stables at home then you’ll also need to include good quality hay and pelleted feed or grain in your list of essentials.

Optional Items

These items are optional, but it’s a good idea to get hold of them to account for every eventuality:

Fly Control – in summer keep a suitable fly spray to hand and soothing ointment ready in case your horse is bitten or scratched whilst your riding.

Hoof Treatment – wet weather can lead to thrush in horse’s hooves so once you’ve cleaned, apply an anti-thrush treatment.

Wound Powder – horses are prone to minor injuries and horse powder is a very effective treatment for a cut or scrape if your horse doesn’t need veterinary attention.

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