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What Are You Getting Your Dog For Christmas? 3 Great Ideas

When it comes to selecting a toy for your dog or puppy, think about that pet’s personality and activity levels. What do they like to do? Which toys have been successful in the past? Many dog owners have baskets full of neglected doggy playthings that just didn’t appeal to the pet they were purchased for.

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Three possible ways to categorize dog/puppy toys are: plush, interactive, and chew.

Plush toys are beloved by some dogs and demolished by others. Some toys even come looking like they are already missing most of the stuffing! Many have squeakers that the dog will repeatedly trigger in hours of play. Some are in mat form, with multiple squeakers. Others look like animals or are just shapes to fling around and run after.

Interactive toys are those that you use to play with the dog or are designed to keep him occupied with a challenge. Along with anything you can throw and fetch, the classic tennis ball and frisbee are classics for good reason. The back and forth play with a beloved friend is an activity both enjoy. Most active dogs also like a game of tug-o-war with a rope toy sturdy enough to hold up to the battle. There are also puzzle-type toys for dogs to find hidden treats and mazes to nose through. A breed that is intelligent will thrive on such toys, one that is less inclined will ignore them after giving up in frustration.

Chew toys give dogs needed exercise and release. Teething puppies need to be able to gnaw on something for relief and if you don’t provide it, they will find something to chew on. Older dogs often enjoy chewing on a toy that yields treats or is filled with peanut butter or cheese. Some toys are designed to fill with water and freeze for summertime refreshment while others can be filled with small treats that bounce out when the toy is dropped. A dog who needs to gnaw on something will happily occupy themself for hours on the right chew toy. You need to supervise this category since toys will break down quickly and cause problems.

Dogs have personalities and variable intelligences just like people do. Because of this, what will delight one dog may frustrate another so you need to know your pet. What is their activity level? Do they need to chew things? Are they getting into trouble because they are bored?

Here are new toys on the market in each category, just in time for Christmas:


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