How To Deal With Pet Hair sticking To Wool Coats?

I can tolerate coexisting with an animal in the same habitat, namely my home. I am looking after representatives of both the feline and canine kind (don’t ask me how I do it; it’s a nightmare). I guess you can call me an animal lover, then. But it’s difficult to take care of pets. They […]

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Kitty Corner: What Diseases is Kitty Bringing Home?

There are so many things to watch for regarding your cat’s health. Staying on top of things like hairballs, urinary tract infections, and ear infections is a constant battle. Additionally, cats can get diseases outside. Most cat owners keep their cats indoors for most of the time, but cats are often outside on their own […]

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Little and Big Companions: 5 Tips To Help Your Pets Look Great

Whether your best friend is a horse, a dog, or a cat, you want all your pets to look and feel their best. From proper grooming to the perfect tack to the most attractive accessories, here are some tips to help you keep your four legged friends looking great all summer long. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub […]

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Going For A Cat-less Holiday? Prepare Your Cat To Live In A Cattery In Five Easy Steps

Cats may look like the very epitome of indifference and royalty. But they need just as much attention, love and care as an infant, even more actually. Especially, when it comes to leaving them behind when you go for holidays. But, thank heavens for catteries. They have allayed every cat-owner’s fears and hesitation to travel. […]

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Moving Overseas – What About Domestic Pets?

The moving overseas checklist Going to live abroad is a bit like going on holiday – except, obviously, that you’ll be spending more time abroad than any holiday, and rather than just pack essentials, you need to take everything with you, or leave it behind in storage. And when we move abroad there’s a massive […]

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Name Your Pet In 5 Easy Steps

Your new pet to the home is a life changer and having the right name is super important. If you have a large family, there may be some arguing amongst you of who gets the right to name the pet. Realistically though, some real thought should go into choosing the name. Since that pet is […]

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Understanding Symptoms of Cat Allergies

When spring approaches each year, people are quickly reminded about the prevalent problems of allergies. What many people may not realize, however, is that these common annoyances or even life threatening conditions can burden humans; they can also be a problem for pets. Cats, like other animals, can be afflicted by a variety of allergies […]

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