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Awesome Winter Bird Feeding Tips

To attract a great number of species to your feeders in winter have a number of different kinds of feeders available. The feeders you should use in the winter have three characteristics in common. Placement – Feeders should be placed in sheltered locations, out of severe winds. Placing them close to hedges or bush piles […]

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Tips On Breeding Chickens

Introduction More people are keeping chickens as pets, enjoying the benefit of fresh eggs as well as being able to get a taste of the country whilst living in the city. The keeping of chickens is relatively simple; however, the next step to keeping chickens as pets is to breed them. This can be a […]

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Name Your Pet In 5 Easy Steps

Your new pet to the home is a life changer and having the right name is super important. If you have a large family, there may be some arguing amongst you of who gets the right to name the pet. Realistically though, some real thought should go into choosing the name. Since that pet is […]

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Choosing Your First Parrot

When choosing any pet, there are certain things to be considered beforehand. Your own home environment has to be suitable, enough room for necessary equipment for instance or freedom of movement perhaps if considering a large dog; the lifestyle of your family has to be able to accommodate the needs of your pet, with affordability […]

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