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Accidents Happen: What to do in case of a Pet Emergency

In the same way that we human beings experience accidents, our pets are also subjected to some kinds of accidents. Some are mild while others are fatal. Regardless of the magnitude of the accident, it is important for you to know what to do in any particular situation to avoid losing your pet. Below are some of the common cases of pet emergencies and ways of dealing with them before going to a veterinarian.

1. Ingestion of Foreign Objects
If your pet happens to swallow a foreign object or a poisonous object, you will need to contact a pet hospital immediately so that you can have personalized instructions on how to go about rescuing the pet’s life. Depending on the object that your pet ingested, a veterinarian will instruct you on what you need to do or how to suppress the pet’s pain.

2. Overheating
This is a common issue among a number of fur-covered animals. The remedy, on the other hand, is quite easy. It simply involves ensuring that your pet always has plenty of water to drink and if he/she still overheats, you might want to have them lie in a pool of cold water or lick ice cubes. Later on, you can contact your veterinarian and find a better remedy.

3. Car Accident
If your pet has been struck by a car and yet there are no visible wounds, you should rush him/her to the veterinarian for inspection. This is because your pet might have suffered internal bleeding. However, if he/she has a visible wound, you can rush for a pet first aid kit which contains essential tools such as a bandaging tape, gloves, an antibacterial ointment as well as other tools.

4. Paw Lacerations
Though not common with pets such as cats, if your pet’s paw has been cut, you should first disinfect the wounded area and flush it with either clean or saline water. Next, apply a firm but gentle pressure on the wounded area and tie a bandage over it. Finally, you should have him/her checked as soon as possible if it happens that your pet needs stitches.

5. Seizures
Some pets experience mild forms of seizures, but if left unattended, these problems can turn out to be serious and thus life-threatening to the pets. In such a case, you should avoid putting your hand in your pet’s mouth. Additionally, you need to keep them in a safe environment where they won’t be harmed by nearby items due to their uncontrolled movements. If you want to know about more ways of saving your pet’s life, you can always contact a Carmel IN Vet or someone local to you for detailed information.

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