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5 Ways to Prepare you Pet for Surgery

Going into surgery can be a scary and stressful time for all involved. Even more stressful is when the receiver cannot talk to express their fears or feelings to those that they love. Pets undergo surgeries every day, and even though they cannot speak, they experience both stress and fear. There are several ways to not only prepare a pet to go to the animal emergency and surgical center for surgery but also to make the process a lot easier.

Up to Date Vaccinations
Before the surgery talk to the vet to confirm that a pet has all the needed vaccination shots. Make sure if any shots are needed they are done at least a week prior to the date of the surgery to allow complete stimulation into the system. The lack of these shots can cause a lot of vulnerability to disease after the surgery as their immune system will be weak and unguarded, this will result in a higher risk of vomiting while being under anesthesia during the surgery, which can cause discomfort and possible complications, as well as difficulty healing after the surgery.

The night before the surgery it is a good idea for a pet to have a bath. Most surgeries will not allow any bathing for at least a few weeks after. It is best to give them clean coats, ears and nails for comfort purposes during and after the surgery. If a pet does not like bath time, consider asking the vet if a cleaning process can be done while a pet is under anesthesia.

Food Limitations
The day of the surgery the animal must not have any food in their system. It is important to put the food bowls up the night before to require them to fast before the surgery. Water is perfectly fine and may be kept in its place. Even if the biggest Bambi eyes beg for a treat, do not give in, having nothing in the system the day of is a very important step in the surgery process.

Cage Training
Before the date of the surgery it is usually a good idea to get a pet used to the idea of being in a cage, carrier or crate. They are going to have to be put into one of these before and after the surgery. It will help to decrease stress levels if they are not only used to it but view it as a comfort from home rather than something to add to their list of the new and strange.

The most important thing to give a pet before surgery is love and comfort. If they have a blanket or toy that they find comforting toss that into their carrier as this will give them an item from home to take along for the ride. Give lots of love with strokes and calm words. Animals sense a tense situation, so try to stay calm and upbeat to reduce the stress of the pet. If possible, stay with them until the vet puts them under the anesthesia as this will not only keep them calm but skips any fears or feelings of abandonment.

Just like children, pets are attached to their owners and trust them with their safety. Honor the bond and the trust by making sure to keep them safe by taking precautions and not laying it all in Mr. Veterinarian’s hands.

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