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5 Tips To Remember Before Adopting Another Dog

I love my puppy. He’s adorable, small, and a wonderful snuggle bug at night. But a lot of people have been telling me how I should adopt another dog. Here’s my thought process on that, “No thanks!” But then I started thinking about it. I leave my little man home all day long when I have to run errands or go to work. He gets along really well with other dogs. And I love dogs. So naturally, it seems like a no brainer that I would have two, right? If you are on the same wavelength has me, here are 5 tips to remember before you bring a new dog into a home that already has one.

1. Have a meet and greet
Just like the dating world, you don’t want to say your “I do’s” before you even meet the guy. Same goes for dogs! Well, sort of. When you go to the shelter and you find a dog you really connect with, schedule a play date for your current pup so you can see if he is feeling the same connection you are. Be patient and start small. Obviously, the shelter workers will be there with you, but they don’t know your dog as well as you do. Take special note of his or her behavior around the prospective puppy.

2. Pick a dog by his personality, not his breed
Yes, the dog you found at the shelter might be a total sweetheart to you, but that type of dog might not get along with your dog. Take my situation, I have a chihuahua. Your mind probably jumps to yappy and mean, right? But he’s not! He’s a complete sweetie and he loves hanging with the big dogs. Seriously! He thinks he’s one of them. So make sure you don’t judge a breed by its preconceived notions.

3. Age matters
My sister and I are seven years apart. We did not get along when we were younger, for obvious reasons. But now, ten years later, we are the best of friends! You don’t have that kind of time when it comes to selecting another furry companion. If you have a mellow, older dog, you probably don’t want to get an energetic puppy that will inevitably cause your current dog to stress out more than he needs to.

4. Watch out for jealousy
If you have already selected your new dog, make sure that you don’t cause any unnecessary jealous feelings among either of your animals. Have plenty of toys around your home for the both of them to play with. When one has a rawhide bone, give the other something to chew on as well. Sound a bit familiar? You probably have to do the same thing with your kiddos! Think of this as parenting dogs 101.

5. Don’t forget about the small stuff!
After you have adopted dog #2, you might overlook a lot of little things. It’s important to remember to separate the food bowls so nobody gets more and nobody gets less. It’s also important to keep your dogs in separate areas of the house while you are up at work for the day. Sure, they might be getting along at first, but you don’t want any accidents to happen. Make sure you have two leashes and two collars. Walking two dogs can be easy if you have the right equipment. And lastly, give them both lots of love!

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