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5 Essential Horse Supplies

These majestic creatures deserve the owner’s utmost care and love. As pets, as trophies or due to professional reasons, keeping a horse can be a lot of fun if certain things are taken into consideration. Basic needs such as food, water and a proper shelter are obvious but there are also additional supplies for your horse which you need to stock up on. The supplies are essential for the good health and proper functionality of the horse. As health problems and experiencing nasty accidents on our beloved horses (or ponies) are one of the sad realities we have to face, it will be a good idea to purchase certain basic supplies for their upkeep:

Saddles and Tack:

Firstly, a few important items like saddles and bridles are mandatory in every aspect of riding. Every person from the rookie level to the experienced riders who participate in competitive events needs security and stability. Good for your safety, as well as your horse’s.

Veterinary book:

Nobody expects you to become a vet by just reading a book on the subject, but having an idea about what ails your horse seems like a good plan. Mostly people are clueless and have no idea to how to stunt the growth of the illness or injury, which can be somewhat controlled if they read a guide on the same. It will greatly benefit the horse, albeit temporarily, but something is better than nothing you see.


For pets which are, as we say a little different from dogs and cats, like you know horses and pigs, we need something more than a kennel or something. Horses, pigs, lions (yes, people keep lions as pets sometimes) need huge spaces to run around in. Fencing supplies like electric fencing, fence chargers and insulators keep these lovely animals from running off in uncharted territory with the potential threat of getting hurt. It also avoids predators of entering your property, keeping your pet safe. Hence, for the love of your horse, get your boundaries fenced pronto.

Bandages and antiseptic cream:

Horses, especially the ones which participate in competitive sports are prone to regular injuries. Thus if they suffer from a bad wound, it is important to apply immense pressure in order to put an end to the bleeding. Therefore, a set of clean bandages should always be kept as a part of your horse caring supply. It is needless to mention that apart from bandages there should be a good, strong antiseptic cream or powder preferably suggested by your vet. They provide temporary relief to deep cuts and are mostly sufficient enough for grazes and scratches.


Domesticated animals are prone to illness, very quickly. Although thoroughly loved and pampered they don’t develop the immunity their wild counterparts have. Hence, there are instances where your horse will seem as a little unwell or low, in such cases use the thermometer to determine the temperature he has caught. If caught soon enough, he will be treated quickly and will be running around (giving you a tough time) again.  

A special mention will be a wire cutter. If the horse is entangled in wires (you know when he is trying to fix the electricity fuse but he gets all mixed up), this device is a life saver for them, in every way. 

Hence, keep yourself stocked with such basic horse supplies which will be available easily online for the good health and shiny coat of your favourite animal.

Today’s feature writer Nick Andersonis a sales executive at Saddleworld Dural, which specializes in horse supplies. He enjoys interacting with people and travelling to exotic places.

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