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7 Reasons Your Pet Training Routine is failing

Any professional dog trainer will tell you that there is no such thing as an “un-trainable” dog. The real reason for this is because all dogs had to learn their behavior patterns from somewhere. No dog is born knowing exactly how to sit, stay, or come when called. Nor is any dog born with an […]

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Life with a pet

Professionally trained animal for instance guide dogs for blind people have obvious benefits to human beings. However, average domestic pets, for instance a cat, dog or even a goldfish can as well provide us with lots of therapeutic benefits. These pets can reduce stress, encourage social interaction, ease loneliness, encourage playfulness and exercise and offer […]

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Natural Cats Health Care Guide

Cats health care is complex, but simple at the same time. This seemingly contradictory statement stems from how humans view the world. All humans have a belief system set up, that is personal and based on their upbringing, their culture, their environment, their education, their religion, etc. When any of this is challenged, it can […]

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