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“Poor Nana!” 5 Common Pet Injuries, and Ways to Avoid Them

Animal injuries affect all types of pets from hamsters to snakes. Pets can go through the same afflictions and surgeries that people go through after many years. Even though different breeds respond differently to these problems, they suffer all the same. Review the common injuries that affect pets and how you can prevent them. Leg […]

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Five Ideas for Keeping Your Pet Healthy on a Budget

Pet owners want to do everything they can to keep their pets healthy, but the costs of keeping a pet healthy can be prohibitive. Between buying your pet healthy food and taking it to the vet, the costs of keeping your pet in good health can add up quickly. If you want to make sure […]

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Aquarium Maintenance: How to Keep Aquatic Plants Healthy

Aquatic plants obtain their sustenance for proper growth from the environment inside the aquarium. However, changes in the aquatic conditions may warrant the need for supplementation in order to keep the aquarium plants healthy. These factors include available planting conditions, plant species, available plant nutrients, and planting density. Most aquatic plants are quite resilient and […]

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Caring For Your Collie Puppy

The Collie is a gorgeous dog and makes a great family pet. As with any pet, there is a certain amount of care and maintenance required. The following information provides general guidelines for caring for your Collie puppy. Preparing For the Puppy It takes planning and preparation to get ready for a new member of […]

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Tips To Deter Feral Cats From Your Yard

Even if you are a cat lover, you probably wouldn’t want uprooted saplings in your garden or to step on cat poo when you are walking round your yard. And yet, that is exactly what happens when you cannot stop feral cats from encroaching in on your territory. When keeping ferals off, remember that they […]

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How to Make Your Kids and Pets Live in Harmony

It does not take a Christopher Columbus of the veterinarian world to know that a loving home makes the best atmosphere for kids and pets to live in harmony. Teaching your children to treat your pet gently and with love will eliminate most all of a family’s harmony issues. But for the responsible pet owner, […]

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How To Potty Train A Puppy

Most puppies, whether from a breeder, shelter, or pet store, do not come potty trained. So if you are looking for your first puppy, be prepared! This can be a fun process that helps to strengthen the bond between you and your new puppy, but it does take some time and effort. Learn the Signs […]

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Do You Know What Your Dog Really Wants?

You probably think that you know you own dog very well. You know it’s favourite food, the preferred place to sleep in the day,  and how it likes to stretch out in front of the fire during the winter months You know your dog’s favourite walks and favourite toys and the irritating habit of barking […]

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Five Ways To Compromise When Your Indoor Pet Becomes Too Comfortable In Your Home

If you have indoor pets, you may have noticed that they’re slowly taking over your home. Toys are strewn everywhere, you store their kibble in with your cereal, and no matter what you do, the house has a certain odor to it. Take your home back by putting these five compromises into effect. Have a […]

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The Top Five Health And Home Benefits Of Owning A Cat

Most people own cats simply because they enjoy having them around. However, there are a surprising number of practical, emotional and other health benefits of sharing your home with a cat. Here are the top five reasons why having a cat can make you healthier and happier: Improve Your Mood Cats can be great companions […]

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