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Blue Heeler: A Breed With Many Names

The Blue Heeler goes by a number of different names, which may cause some confusion among people. It is known as an Australian Heeler, a Hall’s Heeler, a Queensland Heeler or more notably an Australian Cattle Dog, which gives some clue as to what these dogs were originally bred for. Below is more information about […]

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Cat Animal & Cat 2013 Exam – What Google think about it?

Today I was thinking of writing blogpost for my Indian visitor so I started looking into Google trends to get idea about what actually in trends in India in pet/animal category. When I selected year 2013, pet/animal category, I got big shock. In that Google fails in providing relevant data they are going totally out […]

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What Are You Getting Your Dog For Christmas? 3 Great Ideas

When it comes to selecting a toy for your dog or puppy, think about that pet’s personality and activity levels. What do they like to do? Which toys have been successful in the past? Many dog owners have baskets full of neglected doggy playthings that just didn’t appeal to the pet they were purchased for. […]

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Unusual Pets: Five of the Weirdest Ever

When people consider owning a pet, they tend to think about dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and reptiles. Most people would never consider owning a cockroach or skunk as pets. However, some people find that they are the best kind. Here are some of the quirkiest pets we’ve found. Skunks It is difficult to believe that […]

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Four Suggestions for Preventing Pet Illness

From the moment you become a pet owner, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the pet you have chosen. As a responsible pet owner, you will want to educate yourself about the type of care your pet needs. There are books and websites that can offer you an abundance of information. In […]

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How To Deal With Pet Hair sticking To Wool Coats?

I can tolerate coexisting with an animal in the same habitat, namely my home. I am looking after representatives of both the feline and canine kind (don’t ask me how I do it; it’s a nightmare). I guess you can call me an animal lover, then. But it’s difficult to take care of pets. They […]

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5 Tips for Helping Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

Every time you come home for work, you find the house a completely torn up mess and the doors and walls badly scratched up.  No, you haven’t been a victim of a robbery, you just have a dog with separation anxiety! You love your dog dearly, but simply can’t take the destruction anymore. As awful as this […]

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Purebred Breeders Review – Americas top Breeders SCAM

Mswinns Says: I purchased my yorkie in 2009. I was suppose to get a toy yorkie but I received a standard size one. I did my research on the breed and yorkies are suppose to have all black nail but my dog has white and black nails also his parents are both under 4 pounds…so […]

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Homemade Pet-Safe Disinfectants

Having pets is one’s pride and joy, but it’s also a vast responsibility. From the way you feed them to what products you use to clean your home, everything counts. Most pets, especially dogs and cats, are always trying to eat your floor so if you use harmful or unhealthy detergents to clean it, this […]

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Spaying or Neutering: 5 Tips to Help Your Pet Through the Process

Bringing your dog or cat home after he or she gets spayed or neutered can be daunting, particularly if you’ve never had a pet go through surgery before. Fortunately, this is typically a minor procedure that allows your dog to go home the very same day. Knowing what to expect can prepare you to help […]

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