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What are the symptoms of a dog allergy?

If you notice your dog scratching more than a dog should scratch, it could have allergies. There are two types of dog allergies: Food and environmental. Food allergies are not common, though it is common for a dog to have intolerances to food. It’s usually environmental allergies – pollen or bugs – that cause your […]

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5 Ways to Know If Your Pet Is Sick

Our pets bring so much fun and enjoyment to our lives. In fact, most of us consider them to be a part of the family. Since they cannot tell us when they don’t feel well, it is our responsibility to know the symptoms of illness in our pets. Loss of Appetite Healthy pets eat a […]

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Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet

I think it is their non judgmental attitude or the promise of having a companion no matter what. Or it is their soulful eyes which ask us not to leave them. Yup, I am talking about pets and the variety of reasons people give while getting one. If you are one of them who constantly […]

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Going For A Cat-less Holiday? Prepare Your Cat To Live In A Cattery In Five Easy Steps

Cats may look like the very epitome of indifference and royalty. But they need just as much attention, love and care as an infant, even more actually. Especially, when it comes to leaving them behind when you go for holidays. But, thank heavens for catteries. They have allayed every cat-owner’s fears and hesitation to travel. […]

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The Hidden Costs Of Pet Ownership

When the kids are constantly asking if they can get a pet, or if you have been mulling over getting an animal companion of your own, it can be easy to justify the cost in your head without taking all of the factors into consideration. If you go to the pet store, your emotions can […]

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Choosing Your Rabbit

Introduction: Rabbits make excellent first time pets for children. Unlike other small animals, like hamsters and guinea pigs, they have far less tendency to bite and because they are larger can be more easily handled by even by a small child, under adult supervision. Big Bunny – Little Bunny Generally speaking rabbits come in four […]

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