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Things To Consider When Buying Or Adopting A Yorkshire Terrier

First of all, if you’re reading this article with a view to getting a Yorkshire Terrier (or Staffy, or any other terrier breed for that matter) please consider adopting from an animal charity like the RSPCA rather than searching for Yorkshire Terriers for sale. Buying from breeders can be risky in that they have a […]

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How to Find Free Pet Sitters

One of the biggest worries for pet owners planning a vacation is what to do with their four legged friends. Good boarding kennels cost a fair amount of money, and imposing on friends and family all the time can get embarrassing. Thankfully hiring a professional pet sitter doesn’t have to cost you your life savings: […]

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Horse Health Care Basics

Bringing your first horse home can be a little intimidating if you are a complete beginner. Being a horse owner is a completely different experience than caring for any other type of animal. Most people who enjoy riding and keeping horses in general are lifelong equine fans who can’t imagine life without horses. With that […]

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Moving Overseas – What About Domestic Pets?

The moving overseas checklist Going to live abroad is a bit like going on holiday – except, obviously, that you’ll be spending more time abroad than any holiday, and rather than just pack essentials, you need to take everything with you, or leave it behind in storage. And when we move abroad there’s a massive […]

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