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Why Aluminium Is Used To Make Shoes For Race Horses

Decades ago, in the United States, horses were used to accomplish varying tasks such as plowing, pulling carts and deliveries. In many places, the horse continues in that capacity today. Although there are other things that horses do, Equestrian racing (horse racing) has been a sport for centuries. The sport most likely dates back to […]

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Name Your Pet In 5 Easy Steps

Your new pet to the home is a life changer and having the right name is super important. If you have a large family, there may be some arguing amongst you of who gets the right to name the pet. Realistically though, some real thought should go into choosing the name. Since that pet is […]

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7 Scary Truths About Puppy Mills

You know those cute puppies you see in the windows of the pet store? What the pet store doesn’t tell you is that most of these adorable faces come from puppy mills. What is a puppy mill? Glad you asked! It’s a place where dogs are bred over and over and over again until they […]

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Choosing Your First Parrot

When choosing any pet, there are certain things to be considered beforehand. Your own home environment has to be suitable, enough room for necessary equipment for instance or freedom of movement perhaps if considering a large dog; the lifestyle of your family has to be able to accommodate the needs of your pet, with affordability […]

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Can German Shepherd Dogs Make Good Family Pets?

There are a lot of misconceptions about German Shepherd dogs.  Many people are afraid of this breed, probably because they are large and strong and are associated in people’s minds with guard dogs.  Whilst it is true that many German Shepherd dogs are used as working dogs, for the police and private security firms, the […]

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Jill: Puppyfind removes customer complaints about the breeder at the breeder’s request. Therefore, it might look like a breeder has a 5-star rating, but in reality they could have many negative complaints against them. should allow customers to post (and keep posted!) ratings and comments about their experiences with a breeder so that others […]

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